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A golden Christmas

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at Christmas, with the noise, energy and demands that come from the busiest time of the year. Here at Greeks Bearing Gifts we have always believed that less is more and our timeless, elegant gifts are sure to bring joy long after the wrapping paper has been recycled.

Our treasures are forever, not just for Christmas!

Twinkling with gold

Shine bright this festive season with our collection of gorgeous jewellery.

Explore extraordinary gifts for all with GBG’s precious selection of jewels to give and receive.

Small and fun

Fragranced candles, brass bookmarks, whimsical notecards and charming coffee cups: they may be small but our selection of stocking fillers is perfectly formed.

Unknown Territory x GBG

Greek Bearing Gifts first collaboration with The Unknown Territory is inspired by the epic Story of Troy. It is the tale of a Greek Gift that turned out to be both a surprise and masterstroke.

Who is your favourite hero?
Helen, Paris, Achilles or the Trojan Horse?

Our Wrapping

Each gift is gorgeously wrapped with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials.

A reusable pouch is included with every purchase and a personalised handwritten note can be added.

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Our Green Initiative

Our impact on the planet is important to us, which is why we have partnered with the Future Trees Trust, with a donation being made for each sale. In addition to this, we endeavour to use eco-friendly packaging and wherever possible to make this recyclable or ideally reusable. Of course, there is still more to be done. We will continue to make changes whenever possible to prioritise the planet and create an environmentally sensitive brand that future generations can be proud of. future="Everyone knows that we need more trees to help save the planet. Future Trees Trust is a charity dedicated to improving broadleaved trees by conventional selective breeding. By helping trees to survive longer, sequester more carbon and produce more timber more quickly, many more people will choose to plant broadleaved trees, with all the benefits they bring to our environment, our society and our economy." For more information on the Future Trees Trust, please click here.